Zygomatic Dental Implants

What are Zygomatic Dental Implants?

Have you ever been told that you did not have enough bone to support dental implants? Have you ever been told that you needed extensive grafting in order to have dental implants? If that’s the case, then Zygomatic implants may be right for you. Zygomatic implants are intended to replace teeth in the upper jaw. They can be used to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, severely damaged or decayed teeth, or teeth that have become loose due to severe periodontal disease. They are made out of titanium, like conventional dental implants. Titanium is an inert metal that is used for implants like a prosthetic knees and hips. Best of all, zygomatic implants are an ideal choice for patients who are not candidates for traditional dental implants due to a lack of bone. Zygomatic implants can also be used in combination with conventional dental implants to replace missing teeth or a full arch of teeth.

Zygomatic implants are implanted into the zygomatic bone, more commonly known as the cheekbone. This is the reason for their name. Compared to the maxillary bone, or upper jaw, the zygomatic bone is much denser and provides a solid anchor point for the implant. Since these implants are placed in the zygomatic bone, or cheekbone, they are significantly longer than conventional dental implants.

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Zygomatic Implants Can Be Used when you do not have enough bone

With conventional dental implants one of the main prerequisites is adequate bone mass to support the dental implant. However, zygomatic implants can safely be placed even in cases where there is poor maxillary bone quality or a lack of bone mass. This is because zygomatic implants are not actually anchored into the maxillary bone and are instead implanted into the zygomatic bone. The zygomatic bones are different than the jaw bones in that the zygomatic bones do not lose bone mass as a result of missing teeth, periodontal disease, or pressure from dentures or partials.

Zygomatic Implants May Eliminate the Need for Additional Procedures

Dental implants are often coupled with other procedures to ensure adequate bone support. One common procedure is known as a sinus lift. This is where the thickness of the bone between the oral cavity and sinus cavity is increased to support the implant and to prevent the implant from damaging the sinuses. Typically, the patient would need to wait until the sinus lift bone has matured before the implants can be placed. This is usually around six months. With zygomatic implants, however, there is no need for these supplemental procedures. This means less procedures, and less time before you can get you new teeth.

Can you load zygomatic implants immediately?

Yes, because the zygomatic bone is dense and due to the angulation of the implant this allows a dental prosthetic to immediately be loaded onto the implants during surgery. This means that your dentist can attach teeth to your implants right away and you won’t have to go without teeth while the implants heal.

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What does it mean to be a Zaga center?

Our practice is one of a few Zaga centers in the whole world. Zaga centers are unique surgery practices that specialize in placing zygomatic implants to help patients restore their smile and functionality. Zaga trained doctors have additional training, certifications, and special knowledge that allows them to do advanced treatment planning and surgical placement of zygomatic implants in patients that are not candidates for regular dental implants.

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