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Blum-Nico Oral-Facial Surgery Associates is proud to serve Aventura and Miami Beach, FL and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of Oral & Maxilofacial dental care along with friendly, compassionate service.

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Dr.Jeffrey D.Blum

Dr. Jeffrey D. Blum’s specialty is Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, which includes dental implants, dental cosmetic procedures, extractions, and corrective surgery of the mouth, gums, and jaws. In addition, he performs biopsies to help diagnose oral cancer and treats patients with temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD).

A significant portion of Dr. Blum’s practice involves dental implants. As one of Florida’s premier dental implantologists, Dr. Blum is proud of the fact that dental implants have a truly remarkable success rate. When compared to more traditional treatment options like dentures, bridges, and crowns, he views dental implants as highly beneficial to patients in the long term.

Dr. Blum is a strong believer in procedures being made as easy as possible on the patient. One unique aspect of his practice is the number of “immediate load” implant cases performed. Where circumstances allow, patients come into Dr. Blum’s office and leave with their new teeth, thereby avoiding multiple visits to complete treatment. This is something patients vastly prefer yet it is a rare scenario in practices performing dental implants.

His practice performs a great deal of digital photography, which makes it easier and faster to create accurate before and after photos of patients’ treatment. When appropriate, Dr. Blum works closely with other dentists and physicians to ensure that patients receive the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach.



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