Metal-Free Dental Implants

Blum-Nico now offers Ceramic Dental Implants – Metal-free, Esthetic, and Reliable

Nowadays, patients are more conscious of their dental health and esthetics than ever before. Healthy-looking oral soft tissues and bright teeth are considered a prerequisite for a beautiful smile and self-esteem, adding directly to a health-related quality of life. Our office now offers a Ceramic Implant that is ivory-colored like a natural tooth root and provides a highly esthetic and metal-free alternative to implants made out of titanium.

What is a Ceramic Dental Implant?

Ceramic components have been used successfully in orthopedic surgery for over 35 years (Bhandari et al.,2011) and are also used by the aerospace industry for their enhanced toughness and dimensional stability even at high temperatures. Ceramic implants are similar to titanium implants but made of ceramic. Ceramic implants were developed for esthetically demanding cases and for patients that wanted a non-metal implant solution. Although hypersensitivity to titanium is quite uncommon (Sicilia et al., 2008), people can have allergic reactions to metals such as nickel and cobalt (Thyssen and Menne, 2010). As a result, health-conscious patients or patients with susceptibility to allergic reactions may request a metal-free alternative to titanium implants. Ceramic implants are a great alternative.

Benefits of Ceramic Dental Implants

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